Outline of the Board and Setup:


The first board is the original type, the second board below it is the traditional version As you can see, there are (64) 8×8 square tiles total. Half of them is dark and the other half are light. Divided into 128 triangles, each square with half a light and dark side. The grid on both boards is identical.

The numbers extending from 1 thru 8 in roman numerals for square spaces and 1 thru 16 for triangle spaces.

The alphabet extends from capital A thru H for the square spaces and lowercase a thru p are for the triangle spaces.

Depending on the rotation of the board determines the ranks and files for squares and rows and columns for triangles.

On the perimeter edge of the boards, the bombs extends two rows, first row are the triangle spaced bombs made up of poison bombs that capture and atomic bombs that kill, the second row is outer square bombs made up of biologcal bombs to capture and hydrogen bombs to kill.

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