American Catur differs significantly from chess:


1. Board Size: American Catur features a board with twice as many spaces to traverse compared to traditional chess.

2. Piece Count: In American Catur, there are twice the number of pieces compared to traditional chess.

3. Bombs: American Catur introduces a unique element with four types of bombs that can both kill and capture enemy pieces.

4. Pawn/Cost Guard Movement: Similar to chess, American Catur pawns, and coast guard pieces need to traverse the full length of the board. However, instead of promotion, they free prisoners of war as many times as necessary.

5. Winning Conditions: American Catur offers two primary ways to win. Players must either eliminate the opponent’s king/president or capture and remove all the opponent’s pieces from the board, leaving only the king/president. In either case, the player achieves victory.
In summary, American Catur distinguishes itself from traditional chess through its larger board, doubled piece count, inclusion of bomb pieces, unique pawn/coast guard movement, and the requirement to either kill the king/president or eliminate all opponent pieces to win.

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