American Catur ranking system

Understanding the American Catur ranking system is straightforward. Your rank is determined by the number of points you accumulate during your gameplay. After each official game, your points will be added to your total until they match a specific rank in the system.

Moving up in the rankings is based on reaching certain point milestones. Every 1000 points earned will advance you to the next level of the ranking ladder. Additionally, every 7000 points will propel you to the next tier. There are seven levels in total:

  1. Rookie Level (0-7000 points)

  2. Veteran Level (8000-1400 points)

  3. Elite Level (15000-21000 points)

  4. Pro Level (15000-28000 points)

  5. Master Level (29000-35000 points)

  6. Grandmaster Level (36000-42000 points)

  7. Legendary Level (43000-44000 points)

When a player officially becomes a member and joins the league, they begin at the starting point of 0, known as “Civilian,” and are initially ranked at 45 in the “Enlisted” Rookie level 1. As you progress and accumulate points, you’ll aim to reach the highest level, which is achieved at 44,000 points, earning you the prestigious title of “President” and ranking you as the number 1 top-ranked Legendary Level 7.

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