(Our Principles)

Our Principles:

At American Catur, we strive to create an environment of respect and fairness for all players. We believe that everyone should be treated equally regardless of their skill level or experience with the game. Our principles include promoting sportsmanship, equality, and inclusion as well as emphasizing skill, strategy, respect and fairness in our game.

We want every player to feel comfortable playing American Catur by fostering a positive atmosphere where everyone is respected no matter what their background is or how experienced they are with the game. To ensure this happens we have rules in place which emphasize good sportsmanship such as not gloating when you win nor badmouthing your opponents during playtime . Additionally ,we encourage players to take part in friendly competition while still respecting one another’s abilities without being overly competitive .

American Catur also emphasizes fair play among all participants including those who may have different levels of expertise at the game . This means that each player has an equal chance at winning regardless if they are newbies or seasoned veterans so it’s important for us all work together towards creating a fun yet respectful atmosphere during our games! Ultimately ,our goal is make sure that everyone enjoys themselves while learning more about this classic board-game!