(Our Goals)

Our Goals:


Our goal for the American Catur game is to keep growing the community, support new players, and foster a competitive and enjoyable environment for all players. We want everyone who plays this game to have a great experience no matter their skill level or background.

To help achieve our goals we are actively working on creating more opportunities for people of all levels to participate in tournaments and events that will help them grow as competitors. This includes hosting beginner-friendly tournaments so that newcomers can get comfortable with the rules before taking part in higher stakes competitions. Additionally, we are providing resources such as tutorials, tips & tricks videos from experienced players so even those with little knowledge can quickly become familiarized with how things work within this unique world of strategy gaming!

Finally, we strive hard every day to create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome regardless if they’re playing casually or competing at high levels; it’s important that each person has an opportunity to enjoy themselves while learning something new about American Catur along the way! Our team is dedicated towards making sure these goals are met by constantly seeking feedback from both casuals fans and hardcore professionals alike – ultimately striving towards helping make this beloved pastime into something bigger than ever before!