(Our Core Values)

Our Core Values:


Our core values are the foundation of our American Catur game. We believe in accessibility, inclusivity, integrity, respect, strategy and fairness – all of which we strive to reinforce through our game.

We want everyone who plays our game to have access regardless of their age or experience level. Our goal is for anyone who wants to play American Catur can do so without any barriers preventing them from joining the fun! We also recognize that different players may have different styles and strategies when playing this complex board game; therefore we provide a variety of options within each match so that everyone has an equal opportunity at success no matter how they choose to approach it.

Additionally, it’s important for us that every player feels respected while engaging with one another inside and outside the virtual walls created by American Catur. Respectful behavior is essential not only between opponents but also among teammates as well as spectators watching matches unfold live on-streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming Live Streams (YGL). It’s important for us here at American Catur HQ that you feel safe when interacting with others during your gaming sessions – both online & offline too! Lastly but certainly not least – Integrity: being honest about oneself & one’s intentions should always be top priority during gameplay whether you’re playing solo or team games alike! This includes following rules set forth by tournament organizers/hosts etc., refraining from cheating/hacking attempts (or using other unfair means) towards achieving victory over opponents; ultimately striving towards fair competition amongst peers throughout entire duration spent playing together via digital networks like ours!.