(Mission Statement)

Mission Statement:


At American Catur, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy and learn from this noble game. Our mission is to make Catur enjoyable for all ages and levels of expertise. We strive to create a safe, inclusive community where people can come together in order to improve their skills or simply play for fun.

Our team works hard every day so that our players can feel comfortable while playing catur with others who share the same enthusiasm as them. We provide resources such as tutorials, forums, and advice so they can get better at the game without feeling overwhelmed by more experienced opponents. Additionally, we offer tournaments which allow our players of different skill levels compete against each other in a friendly environment while also having access to expert guidance if needed during their matches.

We are dedicated towards making sure everyone has an enjoyable experience when it comes time for them play some American Catur! With us you’ll never be alone on your journey; no matter what level you’re currently at there will always be someone willing help out along the way! So don’t hesitate any longer – join us today and start enjoying this classic game like never before!