About American Catur

About Us:


We are passionate about promoting the timeless game of American Catur. We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming community of players, of all ages and levels. We want to build a safe and enjoyable play environment where players can explore their skills, strategy, and passion, while developing a greater appreciation of the beautiful game. We strive to bring the joys of Catur to everyone, regardless of experience or ability.

Mission Statement:


Our mission is to make American Catur enjoyable for everyone; to create a safe, inclusive community for all ages and levels of expertise to learn, improve, and play the noble game of catur.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to bring the timeless beauty and strategic challenge of American Catur to more and more people, creating a vibrant and diverse community of players and spectators across the world.

Our Core Values:


Our core values are accessibility, inclusivity, integrity, respect, strategy, and fairness, all of which we strive to reinforce in our American Catur game.

Our Principles:

Our principles include promoting sportsmanship, equality, and inclusion, as well as emphasizing skill, strategy, respect, and fairness in our American Catur game.

Our Goals:

Our goals for the American Catur game are to keep growing the community, support new players, and foster a competitive and enjoyable environment for all players.

Our Objectives:

Our objectives for the American Catur game is to increase awareness and engagement, nurture a safe and positive environment for all players, and provide educational opportunities for all.