About American Catur

American Catur is a new ground-breaking warfare strategy game that is described as a family-fun, war brain game for all ages. It is a modernized version of the traditional game Chaturanga, featuring an immersive experience of battling opponents and launching projectiles. The game is well balanced between skill and luck, making it very competitive. It is designed for kids and adults aged 5 and up, and it aims to develop problem-solving and strategy skills. The game features a vibrant, colorful 18”x18” game board and includes a variety of exclusive pieces and additional elements, such as dice and projectile chips. American Catur is available as a board game and an app, and it has entered the arena of sports gaming, allowing players to engage in the intellectually stimulating realm of Online Advanced Chess. The company behind American Catur is American Catur LLC, and the Chief Executive Officer is Eric Curtis

About the difference between American Catur and Chess

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