(About Us)

About Us


At American Catur, we are dedicated to fostering a community of players that is both welcoming and inclusive. We strive to create an environment where all players can enjoy the game without judgement or fear of ridicule. Our goal is for everyone to have fun while learning new strategies and developing their skills in the timeless game of Catur.

We believe that no matter your experience level or ability, everyone should be able to appreciate the beauty and complexity of this classic game. To ensure an enjoyable play atmosphere for all parties involved, we make it our mission to promote respect between players as well as healthy competition at every stage – from beginners just starting out with basic rules through advanced tournament-level play!

Our passion lies in providing a safe space where anyone can come together over a shared love for American Catur while growing their knowledge base along the way! We want each player’s journey with us here at American Catur be one filled with joyous memories they will cherish forever – so if you’re looking for some friendly competition or just need someone who understands your enthusiasm about this great pastime then look no further than us!